YO8TEH Digi Modes sound card interface

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YO8TEH Digi Modes sound card interface

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YO8TEH Digi Modes sound card interface PSK-31 RTTY SSTV NBEMS JT-65 PCB KIT is a simple but convenient, single board, isolated, digital interface that works for almost all of the digital modes on HF and VHF/UHF. Works with DIGIPAN, FLDIGI, MTTY, MMSSTV , TS3, ZELLO, Echolink and most all other sound card based programs.
Work PSK-31, PSK-63, RTTY, SSTV, NBEMS, plus many other modes on your HF or VHF/UHF rig.

Nothing new about this technology, it consists of two 600 ohm line transformers for audio input and output from your pc to your transceiver, and an opto-coupled push to talk circuit that works off of an RS-232 port on your computer and an integrated sound card interface.

• Transformer coupled audio eliminates ground loops and AC hum on your signal
• Opto Coupled push to talk circuit also eliminates ground loops and false triggering of your PTT lines.
• Integrated sound card interface just simplify work and connection to pc.
• High quality FR-4 double sided, solder masked, silk screened, Printed Circuit Board.
• Compatible with most modern ham radio transceivers.
• If you wish to not use the serial port for PTT, you can just use the audio channels and key your radio via VOX operation.
• Compatible with most USB to Serial port adapters for use on laptops and other computers that do not have serial ports.
• Soundcard interface use generic windows drivers so you don't need to install drivers.

On buying options with no soundcard included/fitted you can use a normal usb £1-3 soundcard interface, take usb connector and mic/headphone jack off and easy fit it on main board.
For option 1-3 you need mediun soldering skills, so if is too much for you , don't buy it !

Selling Options :

1. Board + schematic diagram + parts list , with no componnents. £5
2. Board + schematic diagram + parts list + usb connector + DB9 connector soldered £10
3. Board + schematic diagram + parts list + usb connector + DB9 connector + sound card fitted & soldered £15
4. Board + schematic diagram with all componnents included, fitted/soldered. £35

No softwares/drivers/ soldering tools/parts included! Just what is listed in description according with buying option.
No returns.

Delivery price not included

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